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optimize amazon listing

One of the most important factors to get sales to boost an online business is being noticed by your buyers. This is a tough task if you are not using the right tools and right marketing strategies as no online business especially e-commerce business can survive without adopting one. Customer needs to find you before they can buy you. That is why amazon listing optimization exists to ease the way you sell.

What Is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

The A9 algorithm is owned by Amazon itself and it rank products according to searches and ranks. If you have ever searched anything on amazon, you have used this feature. Yes, you guessed it right. It is the name of amazon’s search engine. This algorithm helps people to find relevant products with just one click. It provides the most relevant results to the shoppers as well to the sellers. This is how buyers find the product they are looking for and eventually buy it.

You can try doing it yourself. Start by typing anything you are looking for. Amazon will show hundreds of results based on the keywords you input in the search bar. However, the results displayed on the first age are most relevant to your request.

Amazon Product Listing Elements

There are six elements of the amazon product listing. Let’s take a look at each one of them separately.

Product Image

Product image is the first thing your buyers notice even before the product title. So it should be clear, catchy, high quality and of course relevant to your product. Amazon offers the capacity to upload up to 9 images per product and it is recommended to upload all. The images are the first impression of your product so use it wisely and clearly.

Product Title

The product title on amazon has a word limit of 50 words and yes it is very important to create a tile that has at least 50 words. It is been noticed that products that have at least 50 words long title perform better and generate more sales on amazon. But make sure your titles are readable and relevant by using keywords.

Product Description

You are allowed to create 300 words long product descriptions for your product listings on Amazon. Use this space wisely and let your buyers know why you selling and what are. However, keep the descriptions short and precise so that readers can read them in one glance. No one likes to read long and boring product descriptions nor have the time.

Product Features

Product features are listed in bullet points instead of long descriptions. It is recommended to use at least 5 bullet points in your product description. You can use up to 250 words to describe your product’s features. Highlight the top main points of your product so that customers can read them and get an idea about the product.

Product Ratings

A product’s ratings are the most important thing that rate your product for potential customers. If you have 4 out 5 ratings, it means you are doing well but try to improve it to 4.5 or 4.8 for better results.

Product Reviews

A good amount of reviews is very important as well to keep your product on the top of searched items in your category. One should have at least 500 to 1000 reviews to rank their products better. Most buyers tend to read product reviews before they make a purchase.

 How to Optimize Amazon Listing?

Optimizing Amazon listing is an easy job. Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Audit product listing
  2. Research keywords
  3. Optimize product categories
  4. Focus on product titles
  5. Write to the point product features
  6. Produce persuasive product descriptions
  7. Use clear and compelling product images
  8. Reach out to customers to leave you a review
  9. Set realistic product prices


Top 3 Amazon Listing Optimization Tools

Here are the top 3 three key tools for amazon listing optimization.


IOScout is a perfect tool if you are looking to optimize your Amazon listings. You can track and optimize over 150 million amazon products. It offers many filters to help you with your listing optimization.

Jungle Scout

It is another tool that helps to optimize amazon product listings. It has many tools such as keyword research, monitor alerts, manages inventory and find products. All these features offer the best services to help you with amazon listing optimization.

Seller App

Seller app is another effective tool you can use to optimize your product listings. It has features such as listing analyzer, discoverability, and desirability are just perfect.


Amazon Optimization Services

There are numerous services are available that helps you with your Amazon listing optimization. You just need to find one that suits you the best. You can research it or you can hire a third-party vendor or software. Whatever option you choose, make sure you do it right and it works for your benefit. It is recommended to use a professional for this service as they know many hacks and tricks that can benefit you.


Now it is possible to get your amazon listing optimization done by following a few simple steps. We hope that this article will help you get your job done faster and easier.











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